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Bishop Kelvin McCree,


Assistant Presiding Bishop

Bishop Kelvin McCree is the founding and lead pastor of Diverse City Church located in Lakeland, Florida and is a sought-after speaker both nationally and internationally. Bishop Kelvin has produced over 100 personal growth resources and authored two books; Packaged For Greatness and The Chemistry of God’s Anointing. He also resides on the Executive Council of the Fountain of Life International Fellowship, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA, as the Assistant Presiding Bishop. In this capacity, Bishop Kelvin offers spiritual covering to Churches, Pastors, Overseers and Bishops alike. Bishop Kelvin’s passion for life is to help God’s people tap into their Life Purpose so that they live life to the fullest and the Kingdom of God can be edified.



Kelvin McCree is an author, entrepreneur, conference speaker and mentor who helps people get UNSTUCK, get FOCUSED and LIVE a Laser Focused Life in every area of their lives. As a Certified Personal, Life Growth and Life Forming Coach through Life Forming Leadership Coaching, whose acclaimed training program is approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Kelvin has served hundreds of clients in over 20 states and 5 countries. He is the founder of Laser Focus Coaching, which is based in Lakeland Florida. For nearly a decade, his book Packaged For Greatness: 7 Principles From The Ant To Discovering Your Purpose, has impacted youth and aided them in discovering their purpose and understand the benefits of being part of a community. Aside from offering group and individual coaching, Kelvin also provides Career Coaching, Business & Personal Assessments, Values Discovery, Authenticity Assessments, Life balance & DISC Assessments. Kelvin’s workshops, speaking engagements, and media appearances have inspired and equipped readers, leaders and audiences to implement major life change often-unlocking dreams and potential previously untapped.















Dr. Gerald G. Loyd,

MPsy, MDiv, Th.D.

Presiding Prelate

Dr. Gerald G. Loyd is a native of Pittsburgh, PA where he now resides.  The pastor of the Fountain of Life Church of Pittsburgh, he is also the Presiding Bishop of Fountain of Life International Fellowship.  In forty-three years of ministry, he has personally planted or been involved with the planting of seven churches.  He has traveled extensively through the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe, ministering the Word of God.  His apostolic influence is widely felt and as a result, he has spiritual sons and daughters in several regions of the world.


Known as a psalmist, Dr. Loyd has written more than two hundred songs.  He is an accomplished keyboardist and singer and has shared the concert stage with many well-known singers and musicians.  He has three albums to his credit and continues to be recognized as a force in Christian music.  As an author, he has written and/or published seven books and manuscripts.  His published works include: Preachers Are People Too!, The God of the Baby Boomers and Why Can't We Be Friends: Understanding the Conflict Between Genders.


By way of education, Rev. Loyd holds the Bachelor of Arts degree from Duquesne University, where he majored in Psychology.  He also earned a Master of Science degree in Psychology from the Pennsylvania State University.  He holds Master and Doctor's degrees from Trinity Theological Seminary.  

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