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City Bible College


Where Biblical Literacy and Life Purpose Converge 


City Bible College is a religious bible institution dedicated to the education and preparation of men and women for leadership in the various ministries and vocations of the Christian church and Para Church. The College was conceptualized at a gathering of Bishops in 2011 and ultimately began as a series of courses to confront biblical errancy in the local church and leaders. In 2013, operating as training certificate program under the name School of Purpose Excellence and Ministry, the college enrolled its first 8 students at the facilities of Bishop Kelvin McCree. This name was important due to the belief that biblical learning should be combined with purpose, in order to match learning with the student’s unique design and gifts. The college continued under this name until 2015 when it began exploring state recognition. In 2016, the name was changed to City Bible College and the college began the official process of securing recognition as a State recognized institution focusing on religious institution for higher education. The Board of Trustees includes two members who were at the original conceptualizing meeting, Bishop Kelvin McCree and Bishop Gerald Loyd, as well as Bishop Preston D.H. Leonard and Apostle Jessie West. 

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