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Dr. Gerald G. Loyd, Sr.

For each new generation of believers, God ordains men and women of both purpose and destiny to serve His people and to facilitate His plan. One such vessel is Dr. Gerald G. Loyd, a renaissance preacher, counselor, author and musician, rightfully described as “A Man for this Hour.” A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ at the early age of seven, under the tutelage of his father and pastor, District Elder John Loyd. He has always been possessed of a tremendous fervor for the things of God.


Beginning at the age of five, Gerald exhibited extraordinary musical talent.  By age 13, he was accomplished on guitar and keyboards, and was arranging and composing Christian music.  He has composed hundreds of songs and is received internationally as a psalmist and recording/ concert artist.  He has shared the stage with several well-known singers and has recorded three CD's.


Gerald began preaching at the age of nineteen.  Graced with prophetic insight and revelatory depth, he has been called to teach and preach spiritual concepts with a unique simplicity.   Known as a pastor and church-planter, Dr. Loyd has been involved with the planting of eight churches in more than 40 years of ministry.  Currently, he is the Senior Pastor of the Fountain of Life Church of Pittsburgh, a congregation that is known as a place of worship and healing.  He was consecrated to the Bishopric in 1996 with World Won for Christ Ministries.  Held in high esteem as an apostolic father, he is the Presiding Prelate of Fountain of Life International Fellowship, with churches, ministries and spiritual sons and daughters in the United States and abroad.


Bishop Loyd is recognized as a gifted and trained counselor, with an affinity with those who are hurting. He ministers frequently on issues concerning “the binding of the broken hearted.” He is a trained Life Coach and is a member of the John Maxwell Team.  He has been uniquely anointed to deal with issues of manhood, womanhood and marriage.  His overarching desire is to see leaders fathered, healed and equipped for their assignments in the Kingdom of God.  To that intent, Dr. Loyd has authored eight books and manuscripts to date, including Preachers Are People Too!, The God of the Baby Boomers and Why Can’t We Be Friends?-Resolving the Conflict Between the Genders. 


By way of education, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Duquesne University, a Master of Science degree in Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University as well as Master of Theology and Doctor of Theology degrees from Trinity Theological Seminary in Newburg, Indiana. He is regarded as a theologian in his own right and respected for his biblical insights.

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